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RCM Business


MRP: INR 240

Product Description

 Spray Max-85 contains 85% active ingredients.
 Spray Max-85 having functions like sticking, spreading, penetrating, drift controlling.
 Spray Max-85 reduce the surface tension of spray solution droplets to the point that
they can spread and blend together to uniformly coat plant surfaces.
 Spray Max-85 helps pesticide spray solution drop lets cover and adhere family to
plant surfaces and resist being washed off.
 Spray Max-85 helps penetration of the spray solution even in the plant having thick
and waxy leaf surface.
 Spray Max-85 provides excellent crop safety & tolerance allowing it to be used on a
wide range of crops and with a wide range of products with no adverse effects.
 Spray Max-85 has no particle charge and hence dose not ionize in water, remains
active in the presence of agrochemical. 

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