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RCM Business

Sure Sugar(850g)

MRP: INR 2050

Product Description

Sure Sugar Stage 1 & 5:
 Disolve the insoluble minerals in the soil & Make the soil porous.
 Increase the water holding capacity of the soil.
 Helps more growth of the white roots of the crop.
 Helps in supplying the micronutrients to the crop.
 Growth of beneficial Micro flora in the soil which helps in increasing the productivity
     of the soil.
 Increase the organic carbon in the soil.
 Sure Sugar Stage 2, 3, 4 :
 Increase number of healthy shoots.
 Helps in the robust growth of the roots.
 Absorption of the more nutrients.
 Increase in the Vigorous Growth.
 Increase more Leaf Index which helps in Photosynthetic Activity.
 Increase over all yield. 

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