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RCM Business

Nail Lacquer KS B03 Secret Admire

MRP: INR 199

Product Description

Key Soul Love Fest Breathable Nail Lacquer

Nails painted in pretty pastel shades look as lovely as spring blooms. And see what we have got for you all! Say hello to Key Soul breathable nail lacquer.

It is exactly what it sounds like—nail polish that gives your fingernails and toenails the opportunity to, well, breathe. This type of nail polish is formulated so that the molecules are suspended, which allows water and oxygen to pass through the polish and onto your nails. It delivers a rich colour pay off in just two coats. Comes with a special wide applicator for effortless end-to-end coverage.

What are Breathable Nail Enamels?
- Formulated with an advanced oxygen technology that is permeable to air and water vapor
- Infused with Gloss Enhancing Polymers to ensure long lasting wear
- Free of 14 Harmful Chemicals

- Allows O2 and water to pass through
- Long Wear
- Intense gloss & color payoff
- Free of 14 harmful chemicals
- Dries Faster
- Healthier for your nails
- Cruelty Free
- Not-Toxic
- Smooth application
- Chip Resistant

There are available in the latest trendy shades with Glossy finish.

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